Why Image Consulting?

 An image consultant helps people in the following manner:
  • Enhancing body language and etiquette
  • Seleting and purchasing the right clothes and smart shopping
  • Incorporating personal style in dressing
  • Dressing as per your body shape, variations and personal colours
  • Dressing as per roles and goals to create an appropriate clothing communication
Appearance, or image, is a central factor in everyday  life — at home,social events, community, and the workplace. Image is the way you see yourself and others see you. Image affects the way you think, feel, speak, and act, then the way others react or respond to you.
You could spend years worrying about the way you look, trying to search through the different options of image information, never knowing which is fashion sense or nonsense, wondering what works, and what doesn’t, falling for the latest fashion fable — OR — You could enroll in this exciting, informative Image Management skills and learn enough about how to dress, care for, and carry yourself to last a lifetime and simplify your life in the process.
Few Good Reasons to Attend Image Management Skills Course
  • High standards of excellence
  • Accurate, reliable image information
  • Principle-based concepts, skills, and strategies
  • Comprehensive reference books – finest in the field
  • Well-organized, sequential format
  • Cutting-edge, interactive exercises
  • Inspiring, high-energy delivery
  • Highly visual presentation and involvement
  • Memorable “Virtual Closet” rack shows
  • Objective guidance in evaluating your image
  • Hands-on, personal Image Enhancement
  • Individual attention and feedback
  • Practical, easy, and effective applications
  • High-value participant materials
  • Immediate and long-lasting results
  • Indian & International standards for dress and image
  • Qualified network of professional shoppers
  • Terrific value in cost, time, and resources
  • The only event of its kind!

Image Management has several names all over the world, for eg,.

• Appearance Management

• Fashion Consulting

• Fashion Styling

• Image Management

• Makeover Consulting

• Perception Management

• Personal Branding

• Visual Branding

• Wardrobe Consulting

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