Individual Image Consulting



Individual Image Consulting is crucial that the first impression makes a lasting impact.

Your clients are not only convinced in what goes on in the transaction but would be quietly assessing you on your Appearance, Posture, Social etiquette and Graces.

The aim of Self Grooming Skills is to equip executives with the information and skill necessary to ensure that their personal and professional image does not detract from the productiveness of their commercial effort, or the image of their employer.

“Personal Grooming is about presenting yourself in the best possible way. Professional Image create positive impression”.


Did you know that it takes less than 10 seconds of meeting someone, to form an opinion about that person?

Statistics reveal that 55% of our first impression is based on the way we look, 38% on the way we present ourselves and only 7% is based on what we have to say.

Appearance and social behavior therefore are important and powerful forms of communication, which is why taking care of ourselves including how we look and behave, is crucial in surviving today’s society.

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Ways to improve your professional appearance and carriage:
  • First meetings and conversational skills.
  • Learn how to package your image brilliantly with strategic grooming.
  • Use the right color clothing sense to move us ahead of our competitors.
  • Identify elements to positive impression management.
  • Correct behavioral protocol while dining out.
  • Enhance overall conduct during formal & informal entertainment.
  • Identify ways to communicate behavioral expectations to subordinates.
  • Use the power of the right professional image to gain success.
Why Personal Grooming?

In today’s day and age, an individual’s appearance and carriage are almost as important as his or her professional skills. There are methods to be followed while dressing up and points to be noted while grooming oneself for a career; be it in any industry.

Image create positive impression”.

Business lunches and dinners are a necessity and one needs to be well aware of the protocol required. Our course will be providing you with the much needed know-how on such seemingly simple, but mostly uncharted territory.

Personal grooming is not only a corporate requirement, but is an integral part of our lives and is sure to benefit each and every individual in a positive manner.

First thing First:

Some of the perceptions people can form solely from your appearance are:

  • Your professionalism.
  • Your level of sophistication.
  • Your intelligence.
  • Your credibility.

Whether these perceptions are real or imagined, they underscore how, your appearance instantly influences the opinions of strangers, peers, & superiors.

Every man should have a magnifying mirror. If you look good magnified, you are set to go!!!

Verbal & nonverbal Communication plays an important role in how people interact with one another.

People are using around 35% verbal communication and 65% nonverbal communication in daily life. Nonverbal communication has also cultural meaning.

Time spent in front of the mirror styling hair, trimming nails, applying makeup and doing other personal grooming tasks may affect how much money you earn, depending on your race and gender, according to a recent survey.

You cannot not communicate by your very presence,
Your Appearance makes a statement – TO YOU & TO OTHERS.

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