Importance of Make Up and Hair Styling in Personality Enhancement

makeup and hair style

We have always associated well dressed and well groomed people for confident, successful individuals with lesser problems and more time for general over all well being. On the other hand, we may notice someone with a harassed and disheveled appearance and associate them with lots of worries, no confidence, and a general negative vibe that comes from them.
The Indian culture often associates negativity to the notion of being well groomed. Makeup and hair styling have not really been tapped as a lay man’s everyday routine. Why do we associate this negativity with makeup? It may have cultural roots, and the notion of simple living, and being and looking simplistic is the core of the Indian belief system. After all, Gandhiji was a simple man, the father of our nation! We’ve grown up with our parents and extended family telling us that our natural inner beauty is what counts and makes the difference. We gravitate to all things natural- natural healing such as -Yoga, Ayurveda and Homeopathy. But we do require Allopathy as a compulsory form of healing when dealing with minor to major forms of disease.
While the notion of natural beauty still receives an overall approval from the Indian mass, we cannot deny the media influences on our changing perception of “good looking.” We are required to cover our flaws and enhance our natural beauty. The courses offered at GroomX focuses on enhancing your natural beauty with Make Up and Hair Styling to make the best first impressions both in your personal and professional life.
Good Make Up techniques not only enhances your beauty, but also boosts your confidence and empowers you as a woman! Applying Make Up and having good Hair Styles shows that you have taken time and interest in yourself, and that you care about yourself. Anyone who cares about themselves can also care about others. This is what is reflected when others see the brightness and vigour that shows when you make an effort to love and groom yourself.
So take time to hide your flaws and imperfections, because life is too short for us to want to show people our negative sides! We want positivity in our life, and in what we say and do… let’s start applying to the way we look.

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