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GroomX Finishing Academy is a full-service image consulting firm, the most comprehensive image management company in the field working with business, industry, colleges, government, social organizations.

GroomX works on building people brands by helping them with their Dressing, Grooming, Body Language, Etiquette and other Soft Skills for Complete Personality Enhancement.

GroomX Finishing Academy offers a principle-based educational program designed to increase image awareness, image impact,image integrity, and image improvement necessary to function in today’s highly complex society.

 Valuable Materials You’ll Take Home:

  • Personal Needs Assessment Results
  • Personal evaluation results from Image Enhancement
  • Reference Books with charts and lists
  • Personal Action Plan
  • GroomX Finishing Acadmey Plan sheets for wardrobe, outfitting, and shopping
  • Forms to help you evaluate, plan, and organize your wardrobe

Valuable Concepts, Skills, and Strategies You’ll Take Home:

  • Identify the elements of image
  • Assess your current image objectively
  • See yourself as others see you
  • Create positive first and lasting impressions
  • Detect the universal influences of image
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Recognize your range of personal style
  • Manipulate the elements of design
  • Look like a leader – in your home, community, or the workplace
  • Increase your influence and influence others to follow your lead
  • Balance your body build, personal colouring, and personality traits
  • Determine what wardrobe items to discard or add, and why
  • Assemble a workable wardrobe & organize your closet
  • Sharpen your eye for visual design and harmony in your appearance
  • Use clothing as a resource – a tool to meet your needs
  • Present yourself with poise and positive high impact
  • Master image as an aid in getting the job you want
  • Adjust your dress to overcome role conflicts
  • Use body language to enhance your image
  • Apply stress management to maintain your ideal image

We bring you world renowned Training techniques with equally essential people skills so that many can benefit out of this Program.

Image consulting is for:

  • Women and Men who want a new look
  • Beauty pageant contestants
  • Celebrities
  • Organisations who wish to give their employee a better image to make sure their clients are impressed

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