First Impressions and Body Language

body language

What does anyone notice about a person who’s just walked into the room? His/her physical features such as her height, weight, what she is wearing and most importantly her face. They see a smile and sense approachability, they see a frown and they sense worry, and if they see a blank expressionless face they sense confusion. Facial expressions communicate more things about an individual at the first instant than anything else. We judge a person’s mood by the way he looks. Body Language is a nonverbal form of communication which is a combination of a person’s postures, gestures, facial expressions, eye movements.

Body Language is the first insight we get into an individual’s attitude. Why do we not work in a lying down posture? Our brain is very conscious to our body posture because it associates specific postures to specific learnt moods. Lying down would automatically put out body in a relaxed state of mind, disabling us from concentrating on any task.

The notion of the facial feedback hypothesis, is one that explains the importance of body language to both the individual and the person observing the individual. When we smile, there is an automatic signal that the brain receives- Smiling is associated to being happy! So the brain assumes that we smile because we are happy and we get happy. This is the case with positive body posture. We associate good posture with a good attitude.

Why learn body language?

Most of us are already experts at reading body language. Then why study it? Why take classes on appropriate postures and gestures and facial expressions?

  • To create self-awareness: People can see and identify other people’s attitudes based on their body language, but often miss out on what people see in them.
  • To bring out behavioural skills as a conscious art of approaching others: Often people don’t realize that their first impressions will be the last impression. If you have a slouchy posture, no one will associate you with being a hard worker!
  • Proper Body Language creates positive impressions: Controlled and proper body language always helps others to see if you’re sincere, interested, honest and kind!

So step up, and come to GroomX and discover the secrets to making the best first impressions and great body language! After all, lots of success stories are built on a positive self-image and good body language is definitely a first good push in that direction.

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