Diploma in Image Management

diploma in image managment

Unlike some other careers, image consulting is a profession you can get started in immediately, regardless of your educational history or current financial situation.

This year, invest in your future! It’ll be your best career investment yet!

You will be trained on image management by attending the sessions at GroomX Finishing Acadmey

Image management is the process of evaluating and controlling the influence and effect of appearance on your life and your goals. GroomX Finishing Academy is dedicated to preparing participants to become independent and consultant and trainers for

1) Employment as a corporate seminar presenter and/ or image manager,

2) Private practice as an image consultant and coach, and

3) Individual self-improvement.


GroomX Finishing Academy gives you a head-start, puts you on the original fast track with essential information regarding the artistic, physical,

Social, and business aspects of an image management career.

Master the course and you will have a strong foundation to build on. You will be prepared to evaluate the accuracy and quality of related information in the future.

Your knowledge and ability will confer credibility to all your work.

With a strong foundation of information to build on, the time is right to take your knowledge and skills public.

Image Management Training program provides a strong marketing component based on sound business principles, practices, and procedures.

Why choose GroomX Finishing Academy?
  • Top program within the image industry
  • The only fully integrated program available.
  • Provides accurate, proven concepts, strategies, and techniques, easy to apply.
  • Best value in cost, time and resources.
  • Individualized attention and feedback, a life-enhancing experience.
  • Accredited by IAO- International Accreditation Organisation
  • 6months Diploma Course.
  • Continues to create support materials.
  • 2 months of internship by working with our internal clients
  • Project assistance as an then the academy receives it pan India based
For Whom?

To Professionals:

If you are a consultant previously trained and you find your­self in need of an educational upgrade and update,

Consider changing your course and affiliate with GroomX Finishing Academy. Increase your bottom line with a decrease in your time line. Magnify your knowledge and natural talent.

To Aspiring Professionals:

If you are relatively new in the image field and recognize your need to receive the finest educational-training, we assure you GroomX Finishing Academy can make the difference in your success or failure. Build on your passion and natural talent.

To Non-Professionals:

If you are enrolled for the purpose of personal improvement, you will:

  • Satisfy your appetite for fashion and wardrobe information.
  • Sharpen your eye for design and harmony in your own appearance.
  • Improve your ability to communicate through dress.
  • Heighten your image skills.
  • Discover and develop your own personal style.
  • Enhance your own appearance.
  • Develop plans for a wonderful and workable wardrobe for yourself.
  • Acquire ability to apply image management skills within your family.
  • Plus…you’ll be the focus of special attention from people around you.
You Will Learn:
  • Your role and responsibility as a professional image management
  • Social and Psychological Aspects of Dress and Image.
  • Universal elements and effects of image
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Values communication in dress and image.
  • How to counter or reinforce selected image traits in men and women.
  • Personal style types and professional image types.
  • Professional image tools with solutions to “Business Casual.”
  • Definitive new dress code for business and leadership roles.
  • 4 levels of Personal/Professional Dress
  • Key Details of dress for each level
  • Occasions appropriate for each level of dress
  • How to mix levels of dress for individual roles and goals with image options for men & women.
  • 12 Sequential wardrobe strategies for men and women.
  • How to work with the “cluster” concept and plan sheets for men and women.
  • Essential elements of etiquette.
  • Unique methods of public speaking.
  • Image management seminar pre­para­tion and presentation techniques.
  • “Virtual Closet” rack show preparation
  • How to establish yourself as the expert.
  • Effective marketing strategies to launch and maintain a successful business.
  • How to get quoted and published.
  • Market approaches for corporate seminars, including Networking.
  • How to write proposals, letters, and email including samples.
  • Pricing and accounting tips for this specialized field.
  • How to develop your business plan and marketing strategy.
  • The essentials of visual design in dress—beginning, intermediate, and advanced concepts regarding the elements and principles of visual design applied to dress and image.
  • Intermediate and advanced wardrobe strategies.
  • How to expand the options in personal style—line, shape, colour, fabric, and pattern selection and coordination.
  • The art and economics of accessorizing beyond the ordinary.
  • Factors and standards for a fabulous fit; dress slim strategies.
  • Quality factors and standards.
  • Wardrobe evaluation, planning and coordination strategies.
  • Closet organization strategies including clothing care and storage.
  • Efficient and effective shopping strategies.
  • Beauty Tools, purposes, procedures, and products.
  • Skin Care, purposes, procedures, and products.
  • Makeup, purposes, procedures, and products.
  • Hair and Nail Care, purposes and procedures.
  • Wardrobe consulting preparations, procedure, techniques, and charts.
  • How to conduct an in-depth client interview and personal style analysis

Course Outline:

1. Introduction
1.1 The Importance of Image
1.1.1 What Image Is
1.1.2 Why Image Matters
1.2 Image Consulting as a Profession
1.2.1 Overview of the Career
1.2.2 Growth of the Industry
1.2.3 Benefits of an Image Consulting Career
1.3 Inside This Guide

2. Areas of Expertise
2.1 Visual Appearance
2.1.1 Personal Style
2.1.2 Body
2.1.3 Wardrobe
2.1.4 Color Analysis
2.1.5 Makeup and Skin Care
2.1.6 Hair
2.1.7 Grooming
2.2 Communication and Behavior
2.2.1 Basics of Communication
2.2.2 Conversation
2.2.3 Business Communication and Etiquette
2.2.4 Dining Etiquette
2.2.5 Other Aspects of Personal Image
2.3 Corporate Image
2.3.1 Brand and Culture
2.3.2 Communication on the Job
2.3.3 Corporate Dress

3. How to Do Consultations
3.1 Preliminary Consultations
3.1.1 Getting Off to a Good Start
3.1.2 Client Questionnaires
3.1.3 Questions to Ask
3.1.4 Observing and Evaluating Your Client
3.1.5 Creating an Action Plan and Budget
3.2 How to Do a Total Image Consultation
3.2.1 Body Analysis
3.2.2 Color Analysis
3.2.3 Skin Care and Makeup
3.2.4 Hair
3.3 Wardrobe Consultations
3.3.1 Deciding What to Keep, Fix, or Discard
3.3.2 Closet Organizing
3.3.3 Wardrobe Shopping
3.4 Communication and Etiquette
3.5 Follow Up
3.6 Corporate Consultations
3.6.1 Conducting a Needs Analysis
3.6.2 Individual Coaching
3.6.3 Presenting Training Programs
3.6.4 Developing a Dress Code Policy
3.7 Working with Strategic Partners
3.7.1 Strategic Partners and How to Find Them
3.7.2 Other Ways to Find Strategic Partners
3.7.3 Choosing Strategic Partners
3.7.4 Negotiating an Agreement

4. Developing Your Skills
4.1 Your Own Image
4.2 Skills You Need to Succeed
4.2.1 Visual Sense
4.2.2 Interpersonal Skills
4.2.3 Organizational Skills
4.2.4 Other Skills
4.3 Ways to Learn Image Consulting Skills
4.3.1 Information Interviews
4.3.2 Volunteer Work
4.4 Educational Programs
4.4.1 College Programs
4.4.2 Other Training and Certification Programs
4.5 Related Work Experience
4.5.1 Types of Employers
4.5.2 How to Create a Job
4.5.3 Job Hunting Materials
4.5.4 Interviews

5. Starting an Image Consulting Business
5.1 Getting Started
5.1.1 Creating a Business Plan
5.1.2 Choosing a Business Name
5.1.3 Legal Matters
5.1.4 Insurance
5.2 Setting Up Your Office
5.2.1 Location
5.2.2 Telephones
5.2.3 Furnishings, Equipment and Supplies
5.3 Employees and Contractors
5.3.1 Employees
5.3.2 Contractors
5.4 Financial Matters
5.4.1 Start-Up Funding
5.4.2 Keeping Track of Your Finances
5.4.3 Taxes
5.4.4 Setting Fees
5.4.5 Arranging Payment
5.5 Client Contracts

6. Getting Clients
6.1 Choose Your Target Markets
6.1.1 Business Markets
6.1.2 Other Professionals
6.1.3 Individuals Who Want a Change
6.2 Promotional Tools
6.2.1 Business Cards and Brochures
6.2.2 Presentation Portfolio
6.2.3 Your Website
6.3 Marketing Techniques
6.3.1 Referrals from Other Businesses
6.3.2 Networking
6.3.3 Speaking and Seminars
6.3.4 Advertising
6.3.5 Free Publicity

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